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history of the fanclub
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Today’s weezer fan club is a continuation of our original Fan Club that was active from 1994-1999. It was run by the amazing Mykel and Carli, two OG "superfans" who taught us all how a band and its fans should treat each other.

Over several amazing years in the 90’s, as the band took us through Blue and Pinkerton, Mykel and Carli led the Fan Club, doing a massive amount of work, processing memberships, organizing fan events, offering exclusive merch, publishing the Weezine, and making every member feel special, often corresponding with letters (this was pre email), and once even individually phoning every one of the thousands of members, to alert them about some breaking news!

Sadly, in a devastating blow to the band and the fans, we lost Mykel and Carli to a car accident in 1997. At that point Karl picked up the pieces and did his best to keep the club going for a few years, till the internet took over fan interaction, leading to the early days of and the rise of fan message boards.

In 2014 after a long hiatus, the Club returned, and has been growing at a fast clip ever since, with personalized attention remaining as the key element. Karl was lucky to find a Club crew member in Lisa, a super fan with extreme attention to detail and a devotion to the founding principles of the Club, to help keep the train on the tracks!  Things have been super fun so far – and we are excited to offer a club that we think Mykel and Carli would approve of – now, in app form! See you out there! -Karl

PS: if you want to know more – a LOT more - about the history of the fan club, Mykel and Carli, and the early days of weezer, be sure to order our Weezine Omnibus book (available in regular and full color greatly expanded color editions)! Its available in the Exclusive Fan Club Online Store. This book is chock full of otherwise unseen images and information, and those who have picked it up rave about it. Check it out!

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